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We Are Not Alone

A Prayer for Advent

We have never been alone. From the very beginning of time, Since before the Earth was filled with living creatures, Before the mountains were formed, God, You were. When there was nothing but darkness, You were present and You did not let the darkness reign. You created light, became the light that overcomes darkness.

You are here. 

When you were creating, You created humanity in multiplicity, in all our various forms, in the greatness of diversity yet, all of us bearing Your image, receiving Your breath, and all of us blessed with Your words, “You are good.” 

And we were not alone

You became like us in the person of Jesus Christ, as a helpless infant, showing us that you were willing to set aside your infinite form as God to show us a Gospel of reconciliation, inclusion, justice, and love. You laid in a manger to work in us for redemption and restoration.  

You did not leave us alone.

You gave birth to Your church. As people of different nations, different tongues, different skin tones, different cultures gathered united by Your Son and Your Love, Your Holy Spirit, like a mighty wind, like a breath of resurrection and re-creation, swept down upon Your children, setting life and fire ablaze within their lungs and within their hearts. They spoke your truth, they loved like you did, they continued the barrier breaking work you started when you called ALL of creation Good. 

Your Spirit lives in us; we are not alone.

And so God, what of us, today, your children two millennia later? Will we open our hearts for you to be born again this Advent season? Will all your creatures who still have breath praise Your name, not only with words of adoration, but with words and actions that disrupt injustice and create opportunities for Your love and justice to reign forevermore? Will we recognize the angels who sing out that peace has indeed come again? Will we run with anticipation to kneel at the manger, to be in your presence? 

Yes. Still, we are not alone. Because you God, you have always been everywhere. 

Be born in us again. 

Inspire us to be people of reconciliation, able to name what is broken so that healing may begin.

Lead us to be blessed peacemakers, generating justice and mercy for those in most desperate need.

Guide us in Your way, oh Lord, and grant us the joy that comes from working for Your Kingdom.

Let the song of your heavenly hosts ring out, O God of Justice and Love, let our hearts join in their unending hymn, let our lungs cry out, let our hands and feet move in faith.

Remind us God, you are still here. May the words you have said to us over and over again ring out “Be not afraid.” Be not afraid, for we have been claimed and called by God. Be not afraid, for God so loved us that God became like us in order to redeem and restore us. Be not afraid, for God is not finished with us yet. 

And so we hold onto hope, because in Jesus Christ we find hope for all the world. We hope in you, God. We shall not fear.

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